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Advice Fitness Guide

Article by Henri Chinaski

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Exercise and Dietary.


An active lifestyle improves your fitness and your health. A great way to stay active is by walking. Incorporating walking into your everyday lifestyle is a great way to be active and to improve your long term health. Walking only an extra 30 minutes a day helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and improves mental health.

Make walking a part of your everyday lifestyle.

- on your lunch break, rather than going directly to the nearest fast food restaurant, take a 30 minute walk and then eat a light lunch- take a walk before or after dinner- walk to the local grocery store for small items you need- take the stairs rather than the elevator- park further away from work every morning and enjoy the walk to and from your car

Walking is a great way of getting around and exploring your neighborhood.


Balancing exercise and diet is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating a well rounded diet as well as being physically active keeps your body and your mind in good shape. Eating healthy gives you energy and helps keep you active.

With your increased physical activity you may feel hungrier. To relieve the hunger in between meals you may want to snack especially if you feel a loss of energy. Eating fruit snacks are a great way of keeping your energy level high and healthy for your body.

Planning a healthy diet to go along with your active lifestyle is very important. You are looking to eat foods that are easy to burn off while giving you maximum energy.

What to eat?

- plenty of vegetables and fruit- whole grain breads, rice and pasta- lean meat, fish and poultry- milk, yogurt and cheese (reduced fats if possible)- drink plenty of water

The above is just an easy to follow basic fitness guideline. You may want to join an exercise program rather than do all that walking. You may also want to concentrate more on a specific diet.

What ever you choose stick to the diet and exercise program as best as you can. You will see and feel the results in a very short time.

To your health!

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