How an Asian Diet, Fitness and Exercise Can Help you Slim Down

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How an Asian Diet, Fitness and Exercise Can Help you Slim Down

Article by Ruth Cockrell

Getting slim now is not so complicated but easy, all because of the help of an Asian Diet, Fitness and Exercise. Who would have guessed that something that’s part of the culture of the Asian regions can help us Americans lose weight? Amazing as it sound, are the Healthy Asian Recipes that’s part of the diet. If you love eating in Asian restaurants and love the food they serve there, then they said diet will work well for you. It’s a fun way of slimming down, I must say!

I discovered the Asian diet when I was on the lookout for an effective diet that can help me lose a few pounds before my wedding day. Because my boyfriend was leaving for Europe then, we had to schedule our wedding within two months, and I had only that amount of time to lose weight. That time, I was around 40 lbs overweight. I did try skipping meals, particularly dinner, but it only made me feel weak the next day, so I eliminated that from my weight loss plan.

I also tried this famous diet that apparently made celebrities drop a lot of pounds in few days, it made me go to the bathroom often, and it’s not appropriate for the job that I had. It really disrupted my day, that diet. So I had to search further for something that would work on me and my lifestyle. That was when I came across information about the Asian diet on the web, through Dina’s Asian Diet, Fitness and Exercise blog. The website, along with some others, made me aware of the many benefits one can get by applying diet and exercise routines from Asia.

The diet, specifically, is so great for the body, not only because of its weight loss benefits, but also because it can help it become healthy. An Asian diet is most composed of rice, vegetables and fruits. You may notice that meat was not included, since it’s mainly used as flavorings to dishes, unlike in the Western diet, where meat is always the main course. If meat would be the main course for the Asian diet, it would either be meat or fish meat, both low in fats. Often accompanying every Asian meal is the rice, a wheat product that can help the body stay full longer. It has zero cholesterol, and it’s a good source of fiber and energy. Almost all Asian dishes have vegetables in them, and we all know they are packed with nutrients that the body needs to function.

By following the diet, as well as Asian Fitness and Exercise that I also learned from the blog I discovered, I slowly dropped my excess weight. What’s amazing is that I didn’t feel like I was on a weight loss program at all. In fact, I have never felt lighter and energetic in my entire life, since I started the Asian diet. On my wedding day, a lot of my guests praised my incredible glow, as well as my slimmer body. Thanks to Asian Diet, Nutrition and Fitness, I have achieved the goal I set out to achieve.

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