Diet fitness program-achieving your fitness goals with the power of commitment

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Diet fitness program-achieving your fitness goals with the power of commitment

Article by Josh Neumann

What’s the most common New Year’s resolution today? Going on a diet fitness program. However, very, very few people achieve their fitness goals after making such a decision.

What’s the reason for this? A lack of commitment. Find any successful person who has achieved a goal in life and you will always find this one common denominator: commitment to achieving their goals.

Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s not that everybody who didn’t achieve their goals were simply too lazy to do so; actually, most of the time their failure was not setting goals and following through on them. Here’s how to set goals for your diet fitness program and achieve those goals faster than you ever thought possible.

First of all, decide what area of your body needs to be worked out the most and focus on that. For instance, if you know that you don’t have very good endurance, start on a running program. If you have good endurance but lack arm strength, embark on a weight lifting program.

If you don’t have good endurance or muscle strength, don’t try to do both workouts at once; pick whichever one you enjoy more and focus on that. When you enjoy your diet fitness program, you have a lot more motivation to follow through and achieve your goals.

Once you’ve decided on a diet fitness program, you need to determine what your goals are. Make them something measurable. Don’t just say, “I want to get in shape.” This will not be very motivating to you several weeks down the road because it is impossible to measure.

Here is an example of a measurable goal you can track your progress against: “I want to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year.” Now that you have a goal, plan out the steps to achieving it.

Most people might look at a goal of losing 30 pounds in a year’s period and think that this is impossible to achieve. Actually, when you know how to set goals, it becomes very doable. The best way to make it more manageable is to break it down into manageable chunks.

For instance, 30 pounds in a year equals losing just 2 and a half pounds a month. Sound a bit more achievable? Now, map out how you plan to achieve this.

For instance, you might start out by running a 1/10th of a mile the first week, 2/10ths the second week, and gradually work your way up. When you break your goals down into manageable chunks, you will achieve your fitness program goals faster than you ever thought possible.

The most important part of achieving your goals is sticking to them. In case you didn’t know it, there are many different diet fitness programs today. Just about all of them work, if you will commit to and follow them.

However, most people spend all their time searching for that magic pill that will help them lose 30 pounds overnight without doing any work. In case you didn’t realize it, such a pill doesn’t exist. Therefore, when you get to the middle of your program and realize that it takes hard work and discipline to achieve your fitness goals, don’t quit.

The best way to get motivation when the going gets tough is to picture your dream body at the end of the diet fitness program. When you are struggling to finish a workout, or considering not getting up on a particular day to exercise, just imagine how good you’ll feel at the end of the process; this will give you a renewed boost of energy.

When you lose sight of your final aim, achieving your goals becomes next to impossible. Don’t even pay attention to other advertisements for workout programs. Focus on the fitness program you are doing, stick to it, and you will achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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