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Article by Olapeju Bankole

Some people look older than their mates because of what they eat and drink. Do not overlook these habits that are denying you of achieving your dream look and stature.

Late sleeping: the busy women always push their domestic chores to after the day’s work. This definitely makes them sleep late. The side effect of this is that too little sleep you have is not too good for your health. Little hours of sleep results into high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes and tiredness. You should therefore engage somebody to do the house chores for you or you reduce the time you spend on doing them.

Sugar packed diet: A sugar packed diet is not good for the body. It also leads to wrinkles. It is knows that it may not be easy to avoid sugar completely but reducing sugar intake to no more than 10% of total calories will help.

Stress: Stress has bad effect on health. If it does not leave your body, overtime it delays healing, shrinks areas of your learning memory and harden your arteries. Stress may not go completely, but you should endeavor to manage everyday stress. Make time for deep breathing at least twice in a day.

Importance of exercise: Exercise is the best fitness tip. If you attend gym for two weeks and run away from physical activity, you are far from your desired result. You tend to fight brain fog and other ailment that crop up over time when you are consistently active. Choose any activity you love from walking, cycling, dancing, swimming or jumping and ensure you practice it for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables: Anti oxidants packed fruits keep you stay young by fighting ailment that could wreck havoc on your body. You need to constantly eat fruits and vegetables at least twice a day so that you can truly maximize your diet and fitness basically because anti oxidant remain active for only a few hours and it is necessary to replenish it.

Sexual intercourse: Sex makes you look younger, happy, feels good, less moody and excited. It is also another form of exercise that makes you have stronger immune systems and less stress. Having sex with your lover gives you fresh memory and lighten your spirit.

To remain fit and happy for a long time requires a diet fitness program that will teach you a simple method of burning that extra fat without stress.

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