What is the right way for diet fitness?

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What is the right way for diet fitness?

Article by Serena

What is the right way of diet fitness? Any movement, it is impossible for any person at the same time, if tall and thin, more sensible approach is to train muscle tone and vitality of the cardiovascular system. If the squat, they have to make choices on the lower body endurance exercise and symmetry of movement.

Exercise alone is not enough, but also must be reasonable and let the body absorb nutrients in a good state of mind, speaking both simple and complex, in fact, that is, physical and spiritual satisfaction of a state.Variety of breakfast indispensable:Yes. The ideal breakfast should be a supplemental water to drink, a dairy protein and calcium supplement, a number of carbohydrate cereal or bread and a fruit supplement composed of vitamins and minerals. This can make breakfast after a night of sleep in to recover. Of course, if hungry, you do not get up to eat breakfast. But preferably within 3 hours to get up to drink water and eat snacks (cheese, fruit), to avoid hypoglycemia in recent phenomenon at noon. Instead, the diet without breakfast is a foolish and keeps the morning snack or lunch to eat due to hunger and calories higher and more greasy food.Should eat less at night than at noon:Wrong. “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.” Some people believe the old adage that eating at night to prevent weight gain than the midday light. Of course, one afternoon, the consumption of calories per hour, higher than the night, but at night than during the day a long time interval between meals. Even in sleep, our body also burns calories to maintain breathing and heart beat and digestion. Therefore, if not go to bed immediately after eating, you need not worry about a light lunch and hearty dinner will lead to weight gain. In fact, the human body in a day or even week to adjust itself in order to balance.Should drink plenty of water:Yes. Should drink water about 1.5 liters per day? If you engage in certain sports, have to drink more. 2% if the water body, physical strength will drop by 20%. During the weight loss diet, drink plenty of water helps the body release more waste. Water cannot make people lose weight, but at the same time can eliminate toxins, eliminate the body’s fatigue and to prevent kidney stones. The only advice: be ready to add water during the day, and do not drink too many soft drinks.To lose weight fast, be exhausting:Both yes and no. The question is not what kind of speed minus a few kilograms of weight, but should be the rule, focus on feelings and consider their way of life, the right to develop weight-loss plan. Of course, the weight loss will always debilitating. Because:1, even a balanced diet, but also to maximize the control of food intake. 2, due to lack of dietary protein, so less weight, but also consumes the physical strength. 3, on the contrary, if the high levels of dietary protein, carbohydrate content was very low.

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