Diet Fitness-Is Your Diet Fit For You?

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Diet Fitness-Is Your Diet Fit For You?

Article by Norman Stanley

Health experts all agree that the best way to lose weight is a properly formulated programme of diet and exercise and that the only sensible way to drop the pounds is gradually, rapid weightloss is unwise and unhealthy.

Fortunately there are numerous diet plans available, in books, newspapers and of course the Internet. Unfortunately the vast majority of these diet plans are written for the sole aim of making money, not for the health of the user.

Take a look at your eating habits, are they sensible low calorie, low fat and high fibre? If they are you are probably in a tiny minority and before you get too big for your boots they are possibly not the healthy option. Your diet may not be fit for you.

Distasteful as it seems a good indicator of your dietary fitness is your morning stool. Your poo can tell you if what you are consuming is actually what your body is calling for.

Your stool should be mid-brown, sausage shaped and not very smelly. Does this sound like yours?

Any variation at any one time is not a cause for concern but if you consistently have constipation or the opposite, diarrhoea your body is telling you it is not happy. Time for change.

A fit diet contains all the nutrients you need to grow and repair your body. All foods contain calories but it is the sort of calories that you eat rather than how many. Obviously too many calories of any sort will cause you to gain weight.

You need fats. Shreik I hear you say. Fats are an essential part of your dietary requirements. Fat comes in several forms, animal or vegetable, saturated (normally animal) and unsaturated (normally vegetable). Saturated fats are the ones that will clog your arteries and boy they make your poo stink!

However we do require a small amount of saturated fat. Unsaturated fats from plants and nuts etc are better for you and the majority of the fats you consume should be of this kind.

Carbohydrates are require because they contain many of the minerals and vitamins we need to function properly Cereals such as wheat, rice, and vegetables of all sorts contain carbohydrates.

Protein can come from many sources as diverse as soya, meat or mushrooms and we need protein for muscle growth and repair.

Your diet should contain all these components to keep you fit and healthy and if you keep to sensible amounts, eaten at the right times and in the proper combinations you will lose weight as well.

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