The Holy Grail Body Transformation Review

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The Holy Grail Body Transformation Review

Article by M. Lewis

In Tom Venuto’s controversial book entitled “Holy Grail Body Transformation Program”, he tackles one of the most debated topics in the mainstream weight loss world in today’s current times. Tony is a well-respected and renowned fat loss expert, natural body builder and fitness trainer and he brings his expertise, wisdom and training to his book regarding this latest controversy: if it is possible to lose body fat and build muscle mass concurrently…a body transformation process he has coined the “Holy Grail”.

One key feature that sets this book apart from the countless others within the fitness field is in its call to move the debate away from losing weight-which involves loss of water, lean tissue, and muscle-in order to realistically achieve body transformation goals. This concept flies in the face of popular multinational “diet” programs. Tony Venuto advises dieters to choose one of the following goals.

1. Focus on fat loss – Recommended for overweight people.

2. Focus on muscle gain – Recommended for slim people.

3. Losing body fat is the primary goal with muscle gain as a second goal.

4. Gaining muscle is the first goal with losing fat as a secondary priority.

The “Holy Grail” offers an integrated and detailed plan as to how an individual can achieve their desired goal with suitable combinations of training, recovery time, diet and nutrition. The book is written in laymen terms making it easy to understand and easier to follow, a rare occurrence in other current health and fitness books.

“Timing is Everything”

There are some people who have been blessed in regards to current age, previous fitness experience, genetics and positive attitudes that give them a definite advantage when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle. In his book, Venuto references to a study in which sedentary males with a propensity for being overweight made astounding improvements over a fourteen week period using an ordinary resistance program coupled with a steady cardio program. On average, the men lost 16.3 pounds and gained 9.5 pounds of lean muscle mass.

“Life isn’t fair!”

By modifying our current concept of time, Tony shows how people can manipulate controlled factors like the intake of calories with carbohydrate cycling. As Tony states in his book, our bodies are in a continuing state of change (caloric surplus, caloric deficit, protein assimilation and breakdown, among others). Our job is to use our intellect to achieve our goals, no matter if it takes days, weeks or months.

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