The Truth About 6 Pack Abs Book – Here’s What This Book is Doing Every Year for Men and Women

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The Truth About 6 Pack Abs Book – Here’s What This Book is Doing Every Year for Men and Women

Article by Paul Kepson

Ever since it came out in 2005, the Truth About 6 Pack Abs book has been the best selling online fitness book. Every year thousands of men and women give their own success stories about using the program. Some of us are tired and exhausted with trying to get the abs we’ve always envisioned ourselves having. Mike Geary, who is better known as the Master Abs Blaster in the Truth About Abs community, is the creator of the program and he has been a fitness trainer and coach for decades now.

The program’s ebook is 120 pages. The first chapter focuses on how men and women should develop their ab muscles correctly. The second chapter is about using the program to lean the stomach as well as the body. The third shows how to increase the slow metabolism that prevents us from burning unwanted fat. The fourth chapter deals with showing in detail the exercises in the program that will be involved in creating that sculpted abdominal area.

The program is based mainly on proving that you don’t really need to do any ab exercises to lose belly fat because its impossible to reduce fat from a specific part on our body. So instead it shows how to burn fat from the entire body by giving full body workouts and not just specific ab workouts. In the Truth About 6 Pack Abs book, you see that it focuses more on weight and strength exercise rather than cardio exercises to get rid of fat from the body.

The metabolism is what controls fat burning, and the more muscle tissue men and women build up the faster it’ll be for them to burn calories. They’ll burn calories even when they’ll be burning calories even when they’re sleeping. Its not going to show you how to get muscles like “The Hulk,” but it will show men and women how to develop a lean muscular body that eventually burns fat without any effort on their part.

This is a serious fitness program that will test people who are serious about getting a great sculpted body. Dedication, effort and action is needed to get the results it’ll give. This is one of the reasons why I got it myself. It was a different from any other ab fitness program, it had a money back guarantee just in case I didn’t live up to my expectations, and so many men and women were using it and already having success with it. The Truth About 6 Pack Abs book is seriously worth getting or at least considering for people who really want a great and sexy looking body.

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