Adopting the Right Fitness Attitude

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Adopting the Right Fitness Attitude

Article by Nazeem

Fitness Tip # 2: Adopting The Right Fitness Attitude

My fellow South Africans, in my last post, I discussed “The Science of Fat Loss”, and went into detail regarding the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation as it pertains to maximizing your progress.

I initially intended to write a piece about the importance of weight training, high intensity cardio, and the importance of adequate rest periods as it pertains to fat loss, but thought I’d delay this by one post as there was something I felt was of even greater significance.

Has it ever occurred to you why only about 1% of the world’s people ever attain the fitness goals in terms of muscle tone, weight loss and self esteem? In spite of so many books and online journals out there detailing the precise exercise and dietary patterns one can follow, is it not alarming to notice how many people are NOT attaining their fitness goals?

Before I embarked on the six month journey of writing and completing my fitness book, “Ripped Dad, Fat Dad”, I asked myself the same question, and thought of many possibilities as to why people are NOT attaining their fitness goals, and came up with the following suggestions:

1. Money?Perhaps money had something to do with why many people were not attaining their fitness goals? After all, gym memberships and supplements are quite expensive nowadays. I thought about it for a while, but then dismissed this theory, for surely if money was the primary factor that determined why most people did not attain their fitness goals, then all rich people would be fit and healthy, and all poor people would be fat and out of shape. But this was not the case. In wealthy communities, you’ll find people that are in shape, and people that are out of shape, whereas in poor communities, you’ll find the same phenomenon. Hence, money could not have been the limiting factor in this equation.

2. Social Class?So what about social class and social standard? Perhaps the neighbourhood in which you live had something to do with why some people attain their fitness goals, and why others do not? Hmmm, if that was indeed the case, then why is it that people living in upscale neighbourhoods had a large percentage of fat people, and also a certain percentage of fit and healthy people. Yet, when you go to the lesser class neighbourhoods, you’d find a similar statistic where the prevalence of health and fitness is concerned, so I had to rule out social class as a reason why people could NOT attain their fitness goals!

3. Religion?Maybe if some people followed a certain religion or belief system, their relationship with their creator or value system would reinforce their commitment to fitness, but even here – I found atheists that were fit and healthy, and atheists that were fat and out of shape. Then I met highly religious people from every belief system imaginable that were in shape, and religious people that were out of shape, so surely religion had to be crossed off the list as well.

4. Genetics or Family Lineage?Okay, so perhaps if you were genetically gifted, you’d automatically be fit and healthy and people would look at you as a god in the fitness industry. Whilst genetically gifted people certainly has a head start, the sad truth is that I’ve met many people with flawless genetics that simply won’t go the distance, purely because they are lazy and do not have the heart or enough reason to push themselves, or they simply did not have sufficient motivation to give it everything they’ve got. Then I met people with very bad genetics that still managed to push beyond their genetic limitations and they subsequently ended up with a BETTER physique than people that were genetially gifted! So genetics or family lineage had nothing to do with why people are not attaining their fitness goals.

5. Technical Knowledge?So what about having a Masters Degree in Exercise Science or Dietetics? Surely people that studied the fine arts in exercise science and nutrition would be in shape and living the fitness life of their dreams? Yet, even in this instance, I was wrong! For I met people with Masters Degrees and PhD’s in Sports Science Degrees and Nutritional Sciences that were in shape, as well as out of shape. I even met some people with post graduate degrees in these fields that hasn’t been to the gym in many years in spite of their technical education, so surely technical knowledge even in the fitness or nutrition industry had nothing to do with why people are NOT attaining their fitness goals!!!

So if money had nothing to do with why people are not attaining their fitness goals, and if social class, religion, genetics or technical fitness knowledge had nothing to do with it, then what IS the most pertinent reason why most people are NOT attaining their fitness goals? I pondered about this for a very long time and finally came up with the answer, and the one reason that stood out more than any other was…..ATTITUDE!!!

You see, about a hundred years ago, Best Selling Author, Napolean Hill, undertook a journey to interview the world’s wealthiest and most influential people to understand WHY they wielded so much wealth and influence. Driven by the influence and inspiration by Andrew Carnegie – then the wealthiest man in the world, Hill undertook a twenty year journey to interview the absolute wealthiest men in the world to find out how and why they became the most influential and wealthiest men in the world.

He interviewed highly successful men including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, and the like – all BILLIONAIRES (in the early 1900s – adjust that by inflation today) – and he found ONE THING in common with all of them, and that was their ATTITUDE TOWARDS MONEY was vastly different to the rest of the 99% of the world that always failed where money was concerned.

I thought about Napolean Hill’s recipe for success, and embarked on a similar journey of my own to interview the world’s finest Athletes at the Highest International Level regarding their thought process in attaining their sporting goals as well as the physique and fit and healthy lifestyles that only 1% of the world ever attained. Now granted, not everybody wants to become an international sporting Olympic Gold Medalist, but I am certain that everybody would want to apply THE SAME ATTITUDE TOWARDS SUCCESS that these Legends have applied that ultimately helped them achieve that less than 1% of the World’s population ever achieves in one life time!!!

I thought to myself, “If people like Ryk Neethling (Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist), Percy Montgomery (Highest Scoring Player in The World, Rugby World Cup 2007), Shameen Adams (Mr Universe) and Tammy Jackson (Miss Bikini Olympia 2011 Champion) could attain the absolute highest level of sporting and fitness excellence, perhaps if I interviewed them regarding their attitude towards their success, they might be willing to share their thought patterns with the rest of the world, and perhaps the average person that never attains their fitness goals would be able to learn something from them!”

To my surprise, every single person I interviewed had the following in common:

1. Of the nine South African Athletes I interviewed, every single of them were more than willing to share their thought processes and attitude towards their success with me. Every single one of them said an astounding YES to my offer to interview them so that the average person could learn from them where their WINNING ATTITUDE towards success was concerned.

2. They asked me to share the secrets of their winning attitude with the rest of the world so that the average person could also duplicate the same success pattern and apply that to their everyday life – not only where attaining their fitness goals were concerned, but where life in general was concerned.

The nine South African athletes I interviewed regarding their thought process and attitude towards success included:

1. Ryk Neethling (Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist: Athens Olympic Games, 2004)

2. Percy Montgomery (Highest Scoring Player in The World: IRB Rugby World Cup, France 2007)

3. Shameen Adams(Mr Universe and Mr South Africa many times over)

4. Tammy Jackson(IFBB Miss Bikini Olympia 2011, IFBB Miss SA Bikini 2010)

5. Nastassia Jaffa(USN Face of Fitness 2010, Miss Bikini 2011 – Shameen Classic, 2nd April 2011, PhD Candidate: Medical Virology)

6. Llewellyn Cordier(Mr Body Beautiful 2010, USN Rainbow Classic Winner 2010)

7. Manuela Gabriela Incendiario(Miss Body Beautiful 2010, Owner of Flawless Cosmetics –

8. Bea de Klerk(Fitness Model for and Top 6 Finalist: USN Face of Fitness 2010, Owner of Pure Perfection)

9. Mandi Venter ( SA Pole Vault Champion and Sports/PR Executive)

So as you can see, it was their WINNING ATTITUDE towards Excellence and Success that helped them become the absolute best in the World. I would like to point out one thing regarding Percy Montgomery though: Twenty of the FINEST Rugby nations competed at the 2007 IRB Rugby World Cup. Each team had 15 of their respective nation’s FINEST National Rugby Players. Let’s forget just for one moment about the reserve players that made up every nation’s squad, and let’s only focus on every nation’s 15 players that competed. Let’s do the math: 20 nations each with 15 of the world’s finest players. Hence, 20 x 15 = 300 of the world’s absolute BEST RUGBY PLAYERS.

That means, that out of 300 of the world’s FINEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD, Percy Montgomery was the one man that stood out from all of them, having scored THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF POINTS in the 2007 IRB Rugby World Cup. So mathematically, Percy Montgomery ranked in the world’s TOP 0.003% where sporting excellence is concerned. IF you take into account the fact that every nation had an additional 15 players that made up the reserve team that formed the entire squad, that statistic is narrowed down to the world’s top 0.001%.

Now ask yourself the following question: If you are NOT attaining excellence as far as your fitness goals are concerned, and if money, social class, genetics, religion or technical fitness knowledge has nothing to do with why you are NOT attaining your fitness goals, do you think that maybe – JUST MAYBE…you could learn something from a man that officially ranked within the world’s TOP 0.003% where Attitude, Success, Excellence and Diligence is concerned? Do you think perhaps if you applied Percy Montgomery’s attitude towards your own success, that maybe you too would become a success? I think so!

In my fitness e-book, “Ripped Dad, Fat Dad”, I have included very detailed interviews and personality write-ups with nine of South Africa’s most influential athletes where their attitude of success is concerned. Check it out for yourself at and let me know.

To the ladies that are single mothers, if you have a demanding job and children at home, and if you feel that this is reason for your NOT attaining your fitness goals, then consider Tammy Jackson – WINNER of the 2011 IFBB Miss Bikini Olympia. Tammy is a single mother of an 11 year old daugher, and works full time for many long hours as a Personal Trainer, yet she WON the 2011 Bikini Olympia. There is always time, and there is always a way. ATTITUDE will set you apart, and Tammy Jackson has certainly shared her secrets to success in my fitness e-book, Ripped Dad, Fat Dad.

In closing, I want to share with you the following: If the letter A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, and so forth, until the letter Z = 26 (twenty six letters in the alphabet), if you took the word, ATTITUDE and added up every letter’s corresponding numerical value, you will find that ATTITUDE = 100%. At the same time, the word, DISCIPLINE is also = 100%. This, in closing, means that when you apply ATTITUDE + DISCIPLINE to your fitness goals, and to life in general, that you will have a 200% shot at making it!!!

Yours in Fitness :)

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