The MAGIC fitness Number

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The MAGIC fitness Number

Article by Sahil M

Follow this number and your body will go through a transformation that will literally shock you.

I will be revealing some inner secrets and some dark marketing techniques that the fitness industry uses over and over again to sell their products in mass quantities. The reason I’m doing this is to PROVE to you why the magic fitness number works and why it will always work.

Will I be hated by some? ProbablyWill I get random threats from scam companies? Definitely

So what exactly am I talking about? I am talking about the number 30. Remember this figure.It doesn’t matter what gimmick, supplement or product you have, when it comes to transforming your body into a state which you want it to be in, the MINIMAL amount of time it will take to get there is 30 days.

Before we go any further, let me be realistic – I am talking about a full body transformation, not minor improvements. It’s possible for you to lose anywhere from 2-4lbs per week or gain 1lbs per week if you are looking to pack on mass but when you look in the mirror, these improvements will look insignificant. But… follow the magic fitness number (30 days… which is 4 weeks) and now you can lose up to 20lbs or gain 4lbs of muscle, which is significant!

Now here is where things get very mucky. Most of the ‘experts’ know this rule… this number is not something I pulled out of my behind, it is based on the biological limits of the human body. But… from a marketing standpoint, what most ‘scammers’ try to do is, counter this fact so that you will buy their products.Think about it, if some new ‘ab machine’ promised the loss of all of your belly fat in LESS than 30 days, would you be tempted? Of course you would… but from today onwards I hope you can diminish these ridiculous claims because if it doesn’t follow the magic fitness number, it’s probably worthless.

Which brings us to our next dark advertising tactic – GUARANTEES! If it takes a minimum of 30 days to transform your body, why would any self-respecting product developer or seller provide a guarantee that only lasts 30 days on the dot?

Simple… as soon as the 30th day hits, you are toast. Their warranty period is over, you saw very limited results (or non at all!) and now you cannot get your money back. It’s a trap that wayyy too many people fall into, but what astounds me even more is that they KEEP falling into this trap.

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of separating products that don’t work from the ones that do. I myself provide a full 60 day money-back guarantee on my book… why?

Because I KNOW that after 30 days, your results will only get BETTER, but don’t take my word for it, head over to: Flawless Fitness Book and check it out for yourself. Then get back to me… because unlike others, I actually like to keep in touch with my customers and help improve their quality of life.

Now here is one last topic that I need to discuss- your plan of action. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the magic fitness number works, but not without some constancy and implementation on your part.

Otherwise, there will be no ‘magic’ that takes place when it comes to your fitness… you NEED a source of motivation to get you out of the house, you NEED a source of knowledge that shows you EXACTLY what to do and why. You need to be able to have a lending hand to help keep you on track, and I have made sure that I have included all of such things in my Flawless Fitness eBook. You will even get a super-secret email that only YOU have access to… it is a direct link to me.

I know that the “magic-pill” and “instant gratification” claims seem very appealing, but if you are ready to make a change… a REAL change, then head over to Flawless Fitness Book

I will talk to you soon…

Sahil M, author

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Sahil M is the author of the famous You can now download the intro guide for FREE that has 5 killer tips that you must know in order to sky-rocket your fitness success.Flawless Fitness Book

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