Books on Golf

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Books on Golf

Article by Ana Paul

A golf book which is written to give you ready made golf fitness programs, exercises, illustrations and step-by-step instructions can rapidly transform your game of golf. There are numerous books on golf regarding fitness in the market, but when you go through them you see dozens of golf models sitting on exercise machines in the gym.Components of a Complete Golf Fitness Book The golf fitness book must cover strength precise to golf, agility, nutrition and aerobic conditioning. These components must be directed at a golfer, not an individual looking to build or tone muscles or to just improve their physical fitness. It must also talk about the starting points for golfers at every age and fitness level. Have a golf fitness assessment right in the book to determine your current fitness level and eventually your starting point.Secondly, the golf fitness book must be able to discuss the direct benefits of any exercise to their golf swing and lastly a golf book must have progressive golf fitness exercises and complete programs to take you to the next level. In short a golf book must comprise every aspect of the game, right from a golf swing to a golf club.Basic Golf Tips A proper grip on the golf stick reduces the tendency to slice. A good grip keeps the club head square at impact and keep the shaft from turning in your hands. Try for a relaxed and comfortable feel. A tight grip will hinder your rhythm and release. Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing, in order to develop a simple, comfortable and effective grip. Make sure that you are comfortable with your grip. It is important to develop a neutral grip during the swing. Every golfer has different types of swings and grips.Golf Swing: Exercises you can do to help your GameThe game of golf needs a certain series of movement from players. It demands strength as well as suppleness. You need to strengthen your muscles used in golf swing, so that it would improve your swing as well as your score. Torso rotation is the most significant movement of the body. This muscle is critical to the success of your golf swing. You cannot effectively launch the ball towards the intended target at a high speed if these muscles are week. A golfer can build up a club head speed by quickly turning the torso muscle if he/she is physically fit with a strong torso muscle. Golf swinging is arguably one of the most difficult athletic actions to perform. To get an exact swing you need to draw the golf club through a long range of motion with proper technique and exact timing. Golf training guide contains all the points on how to improve your swing.These golf tips will definitely help in your golf improvement program. The above tips would be of great importance for your beginning in case you are planning to be a professional golfer. These tips are not only for the beginners, but for golfers of all skill levels.

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I am Ana Paul as a professional i am a golf sports instructor.Here you will get all Golf Training information and what is mean by Northwestern Golf Clubs and Acuity Golf Clubs.

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