Book Review: 1001 Beauty Tips

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Book Review: 1001 Beauty Tips

Article by Lisa Speller

The concept of being forever young is not a recent one; the idea of immortality and the desire to be attractive forever and always has permeated nearly every culture in the world. The modern response to this is the profusion of health and beauty books and magazines that line the shelves of bookstores everywhere, and the eagerness with which women snap them up. The times are changing however, and with the advent of the e-book, it is possible for a woman to find all the information she needs in a single place, complete with pictures, diagrams, and all the beauty tips she could possibly ever need. Such an example is the e-book 1001 Beauty Tips, a collection of over a thousand methods to maintain and preserve natural beauty and to stave off the advances of old age.

The book is comprehensive; the contents detail not only simple makeup techniques, but also provide a wealth of information about how to care for the body as a whole. Many beauty books will simply concentrate on one aspect of body care: how to lose belly fat, how to cure acne, or how to tone your arms. 1001 Beauty Tips, however, delivers on its title and covers all these aspects in a single text because being beautiful and attractive rely on the cohesiveness of the entire body’s look. A person cannot be gorgeous if they only take care of their face; they must attend to the rest of their body as well. How to improve your skin, nails, hair, eyes, feet, legs, arms, torso, and nearly every aspect of health and beauty are covered within the book, accompanied by photographs that illustrate the concepts being discussed.

The art of looking young and preventing old age is not relegated to body maintenance alone, but is also subject to a person’s mental state. Anxiety, stress, and a lack of confidence can all have negative effects on a person’s attractiveness, and in recognizing this 1001 Beauty Tips provides sections that offer advice for how to improve your mental state, your diet, and your exercise regimen. Methods are offered which will help to improve your outlook on life, reduce stress, and transform the meek into a healthy, smiling, confident woman that exudes youth and vigor. Detailed discussions of foods that help keep the body fit and trim while ensuring that flavor is not sacrificed can be found alongside specific exercises that target problem areas of the body. The combination of proper diet and physical fitness are the basic keys to health and beauty, and 1001 Beauty Tips provides ample support of this theory.

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