Fitness Expert Reveals Ultimate Secret For Motivation

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Fitness Expert Reveals Ultimate Secret For Motivation

Article by Chris Gray

For those of us who choose to live the fitness lifestyle, staying motivated long term sometimes can be a difficult task. There is one sure fire way to keep yourself charged for the long term journey…challenge yourself! Regularly challenging yourself with goals that are outside your comfort zone will keep you focused, committed, and accountable to your training.

Even more powerful than that, I reveal to you now a secret that not many people know about or utilize but it can be a game changer!

Make your goals public for all to see and frequently provide updates of your progress for them to follow. Doing this is like drinking rocket fuel! Others will now encourage you to succeed, and believe me you will be successful. Now that your goal or challenge is public, all eyes are on you and failure is not an option!

I myself have done this just recently with making my journey to the Russian Kettlebell Certification public for all to follow, now there is NO WAY I FAIL!

Follow this model and I can guarantee your success like never before and a sense of accomplishment that most people never get to experience!

A great example of challenging yourself most recently is the group of Punch family that turned out for a local 5K run/walk event. Some were experiencing this challenge for their very first time, but with the support of the group each and everyone of them were very successful. Now with a newly ignited fire everyone is training hard and looking forward to the next event!

Now all they have to do is make their goals for the next event public for all to see and the rest takes care of itself, Facebook is a great forum for this!

Let me point out that goal setting like this can change your life in a big way and is not limited to just fitness and health. Let me give you an example, 6 months ago I was approached by a publishing company who was trying to put together a new fitness book that included some of the top fitness experts in the world and they wanted me to be a part of it!

To be honest I was intimidated because even though I have written many fitness articles, I have never written content for a book. Not to mention being invited to work on this project with high caliber fitness experts that I look up to. So It was a challenge that I set out in front of me for personal growth and made very public along the way.

Guess what…the end result was amazing, and the feelings of accomplishment are like no other. On the first day the book “3 Steps To Your Best Body In Record Time” was released it hit the Top 100 on Amazon and is now officially a best seller!

#1 in Quick Workouts #1 in Weight Training#3 in the Exercise and Fitness#24 in Health, Mind and Body

After such a successful release, I will be recognized in Hollywood California on the red carpet by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best seller lists.

Truly an amazing accomplishment, and If I didn’t get outside my comfort zone and challenge myself I never would have accomplished such a feat that will stay with me now for the rest of my days.

I strongly encourage you to follow the model I’ve outlined here today and reach for the stars when you do it, don’t limit yourself!

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Chris Gray is the owner of Punch Kettlebell Gym Dover, Dover’s premier personal training center. If you• re ready to begin your fitness and fat loss journey please call 1-302-730-1600 right now to receive a complimentary private fitness and health Consultation (valued at ).If you• re not yet ready for our free consultation offer, please visit to instantly download a free report revealing • The Truth About Fat Loss• , plus 4 other bonus reports from Dover’s premier fitness expert.www.doverpersonaltrainer.comwww.punchgymdover.com

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