Livermore Boot Camp Instructor Lists Her Top 10 Fitness Gifts of 2008

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Livermore Boot Camp Instructor Lists Her Top 10 Fitness Gifts of 2008

Article by Sarai D. Jones

It’s down to the wire, if you are still at the mall wandering around looking for a few last minute gifts, let me help you out with a few things I think any fitness minded person would be happy to receive or maybe even pick one or two of these up for yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to look or perform better? Here is official my top 10 list of the best last minute fitness giftsfor 2008:

1.) Heart Rate Monitor

These little gadgets are useful for so many things. Of course it monitors your hear rate, but many models also calculate calories burned during a workout and the time it takes you to recover. They are also a stop watch, lap counter and count down clock. One of the ways I love to use mine is by starting the week off at zero calories, I then let my calories accumulate from each workout and I make the goal of hitting 3500 calories by the end of the week (the amount needed to shed 1lb of body weight). When I’m on the treadmill and think I can’t run another mile or do another interval I focus on my big goal and push through it. Check your local sporting goods store and online for the best deals.

2.) Resistance Bands

Don’t be fooled by their looks, resistance bands are by far the most simple, convenient, and affordable equipment option in the fitness industry. Not only are they the perfect compliment to your body weight circuit training workouts, but they also allow for multiple levels of resistance to keep you progressing. They supply total portability for killer workouts that can be doneanywhere.

3.)New Workout Clothes

There is nothing like new clothes to get you motivated to move. Often times women want to hold off on spending on themselves until they lose weight so why not treat them to a few nice looking exercise outfits to get themstarted.

4.) A Foam RollerFoam rollers are a growing fitness trend, but they are here to stay. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of your day nailed to a desk. And when you actually do have time to workout, all you usually can fit in is the workout itself. Really, who has time for daily stretching?Well that’s where a foam roller comes in. It’s ideal to use for at least five minutes post-workout to promote healing of the small micro-tears in your muscles that result from high-intensity training to jumpstart the recovery process. Plus, a foam roller both kneads out and lengthens your muscle and connective tissues thus alleviating, if not eliminating, nagging aches and pains in your back, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows.If you’re going to get a foam roller, get a good one. The cheaper options tend to wear down into a limp noodle for larger individuals after a couple of months.

5.) A Gift Card to Premium, Organic Grocery Stores

Instead of gift card to a fancy restaurant where the receiver is more than likely to over indulge in some fancy, fatty foods, why not give a week’s worth of groceries to a more health conscious organic grocer. Of course, not everything in these stores are what I would consider “clean eating” but just being in there surrounded by mostly fresh, organic food definitely puts eating healthier at the front on my mind. If my Boot Camp girls here me talk about my favorite stores low-fat plain Greek yogurt one more time I think they are going to shove a container down my throat! (gotta check that stuff out by the way, so yummy). A few years ago I rarely stepped inside any of these types of markets because my perception of them was that they were overpriced. But man was I wrong! In fact items like super lean ground beef and organic Salmon are actually a lot cheaper than at the mass chain super markets. I used to do about 15% of my shopping at these types of markets and the rest at the mass super market chains but now that has been totally flipped. The key is to go in with a budget in mind (e.g. spend bucks on protein, on fruits and veggies, and on miscellaneous items) only buying what you need.

6.) A Shoe Wallet

When I run I need to have my keys on me and I’d also like to have my i.d on me in case of an emergency, but lugging a purse on a run is not an option. The answer? A shoe wallet! Large enough to hold your keys, ID, and even a little cash (in case of emergency), it’s a must-have for outdoor exercisers and people who enjoy an active lifestyle. They come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Look for them online or at your local sporting goods store.

7.) Supplements that Work: Protein Powders, Fish Oil, Multi-VitaminOpen any fitness magazine and you are bound to be bombarded with ads for one “clinically tested” miracle pill after another. Well I’m here to tell you that I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds of fat, and In my journey, I have found only three supplements to be a mandatory part of the optimal fat loss program: protein powders, fish oil, and multi-vitamin supplements.

Protein powders provide great liquid workout nutrition and a convenient meat alternative for on-the-go snacking. A great, healthy alternative to fast food or the office bagels.

Fish oil, or more appropriately entitled an essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement, is critical to providing key omega 3’s to maximize overall health, performance, and body composition. Studies show that krill oil provides the most effective dosing of EFA’s.

A multi-vitamin provides keys vitamins and minerals that are tough to obtain unless your diet is near picture perfect. I don’t know about you, but I like to cover my bases when it comes to my health. Be sure to choose a multi-vitamin supplement that is made from whole foods rather than synthetic materials, in addition to being made specifically for your gender.

8.) Sport-Specific Gift

This one’s pretty basic: if you want to give a great gift to an athlete then get them something unique that compliments their sport, whether it be fitness equipment, apparel, or both.

9.) Fitness Book or Subscription to Fitness Magazine

Everybody need bedtime or bathroom reading baby! If you have just read a good fitness book that you know a friend or family member would benefit from, hook them up with their own copy. Better yet, people love magazine subscriptions.

10.) A Gift Card to a Fitness Boot Camp

Boot camps provide a fun and exciting team environment that guarantee better results than one-on-one personal training for only a third of the cost… what could be better than that?Look for a local fitness boot camps with tons of social proof (client testimonials, especially in the form of pictures and video) to make sure they have a solid reputation and a bunch of raving fans of people just like you. Plus, any good boot camp worth its weight offers free trials and money-back guarantees to all newcomers because they are so confident their program works that you’ll more than likely continue after a test-drive, this way there is typically no risk on your part. So join a fitness boot camp with at least one other friend or family member or buy a boot camp gift card to give to your loved ones. As a boot camp instructor myself, I know first hand that clients always get better results when they embark on a fitness journey with others.

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