The new fitness trend: Sling Fitness Training

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The new fitness trend: Sling Fitness Training

Article by Samson Sargsyan

Both DSHS alumni Olaf Peters and promote Christian Buddrus since May 2010 a new training method – Sling Fitness Training. Originally, this training was under way, the name sling training in physical therapy applications, a benefit was soon recognized for the professional sports. In addition to athletes from football, basketball and track and trained as the football national team preparing for the condition with the loop.

The origin of the Sling Fitness Training is located in Scandinavia. In physiotherapy practices was worked there mostly with a low intensity to build up, especially trunk muscles. When Sling fitness is training, training in contrast to therapy, with higher charges and some other exercises.

The training principle is very simpleA switch at the ceiling or wall rope / strap is used to pull the body upwards against gravity or to push. This can own body weight provides the resistance for the muscles dar. The intensity of change in body position (modified tilt angle) are controlled individually.

Use in professional, fitness and recreational sportsFor about two years, the Sling Fitness Training (eng. suspension training) and better known. First it was the professional and amateur sports, which made the training advantage. The competent coach quickly realized the great benefit of training and performed it in the field of fitness training (soccer, golf, martial arts, etc.). In particular, the positive effects of lead on the torso strength to performance improvements.Now moves to the fitness and recreational sports. First Gyms and personal trainers offer your customers the exceptionally effective training.

Advantages of the Sling Fitness Training:The applications are diverse, the noose (also known as “suspension or sling coach) can wedged next to a fixed wall bracket in a door, are mounted on a wall bars or outdoor use on trees. Thus, the sling as a mobile fitness trainer a perfect companion for the road.In just 30 minutes, the body is effectively trained. Because almost every exercise the whole body is in use. In addition, more muscles are working together to offset the instability of the tapes. This is especially the abdominal and back muscles (core) tight during the exercises.

The conclusion of the fitness experts:Training with the sling is versatile, functional and very intense. The whole body is streamlined and strengthened, so that can not be tight bum and washboard abs have to wait long. Just try it!

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