Common Fitness Training Mistakes to Avoid

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Common Fitness Training Mistakes to Avoid

Article by Robert Adams

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, I constantly see people working out with their current fitness training regimes and struggling in getting the most benefit in the least amount of training time. I call it Getting Fitness Training Efficiency. I have provided you a short concise list of those most common fitness training mistakes made when performing your resistance training program.

1. Too much machine work. Many women and men train using too often just their preferred machines, which limits their range of motion and does not work their muscles in an efficient and effective manner. Ultimately this can limit the engagement of small stabilizer muscles that give you maximum benefit throughout your fitness training program.

2. Not lifting enough weight. A lot of women do not lift enough weights to engage their muscles for long-term muscle growth.

3. Working only half of your body. A lot of men focus too much on just their upper body and end up mainly training their chest and arms, thus making their body parts look very unbalanced and disproportionate to each other.

4. Too many reps. Many women do too many reps per set, once again not allowing their muscles the opportunity to grow and develop so that they can change their muscle/fat body composition.

5. Overtraining. The benefits of resistance training, unlike cardiovascular work, come after the training is over. Sometimes people think more is better and in resistance training that is not always the case.

6. Not fueling their bodies for training……Both before and after training. Your body is an engine that must be fed with high octane, good quality fuel to maximize your fitness results. Starving yourself before or after a fitness training workout limits your capacity to perform at peak levels.

7. Training the same way. Any fitness training program that is more than 4-6 weeks will not only get stale for you, but will provide you diminishing long term fitness results.

8. Cardio before weights. Wearing yourself down prior to your resistance training workout with cardio can only reduce your opportunity to get the best possible training session.

9. Steady as she goes. A big mistake is keeping your fitness training pace always in moderate mode. Incorporating High Intensity Training is the way to keep it fresh, fast, and effective.

10. Cardio, cardio and more cardio. Burning fat is a great thing, but burning muscle is a bad thing. Cardio is a good fat burner, but also can burn muscle if you over indulge.

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