Effective Fitness Training

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Effective Fitness Training

Article by Trixie Avalon

Fitness training should not be boring and strictly based on one type alone. You can add more challenge and fun to your fitness regimen by including other activities, such as martial arts.

Martial arts have long evolved from the Eastern philosophy of self-defense training. Martial art is now regarded as one way to develop strength and endurance, fitness, self-esteem and self-discipline. From the ancient field of martial arts come different styles and techniques. Some of the disciplines in martial arts which can add another dimension in your fitness training are Taekwondo, Judo, Capoeira, Muay Thai and Karate.

Taekwondo: One of the popular martial arts discipline which originated in Korea, Taekwondo uses hand movements and legworks such as high kicks which provides a full-body workout. Regular teakwondo fitness training sessions enable toning, strengthening of muscles, improvement of hand and body coordination, and develop self-confidence through a rigorous training with discipline and dedication.

Judo: This a Japanese form of Martial Arts which involves throwing, groundwork, combat, and submission techniques such as joint locks. The philosophy of Judo accounts focusing on targeting the weakness of your opponent’s body, and disabling him by throwing or submission. All major muscle groups are used in Judo and improve strength, agility, and flexibility.

Capoeira: It is a form of Brazilian martial arts which uses the techniques in dancing as a way to provide self-defense and cardiovascular exercise. Body movements are coordinated with Brazilian music which entails added fun if taken as a fitness training or regimen. Capoeira involves dancing, singing, and martial arts, making it a fun and a high-energy activity which increase strength and agility. Muay Thai: Muay thai is regarded as Thailand’s form of boxing. This intense aerobic workout originated from pre-fight fitness trainings of Thai boxers. In this form of martial arts, discipline enables the development of muscular endurance and quickness to govern different body movements.

Fitness and martial arts is not an unlikely combination. Both use the body to achieve strength, power and endurance. In adopting any form of martial arts discipline and using it as a fitness training, remember to study beforehand the demands of the form of martial arts you prefer. Perform proper warm-up and stretching exercise, and remember that although essentially martial arts are for self-defense, have fun with it and be careful in inflicting injuries or intentional pain towards your opponent.

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