Fitness Training Schedule

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Fitness Training Schedule

Article by Britney Smith

Following your fitness training schedule is one of the keys to an effective training program. You might think that a fitness training schedule involves days of the week but in actuality, a fitness training schedule is your time schedule as well. Scheduling the days that you do your exercise regimen can also benefit you but a fitness training schedule can really dictate your improvement and the activity that you need to do.

A fitness regimen is not only composed of one kind of workout. In many cases, a lot of muscle groups and body systems are affected by the exercises and workouts that are integrated with each other. Integrating different workouts will also relieve the monotony of walking on the treadmill for a while.

Start To End

Common belief has it that you need to warm up to be able to perform better in your fitness regimen. Many experts advise those who exercise to start their time based fitness training schedule with an aerobic exercise. The cardiovascular exercise will help to bring blood to various areas of the body as well as enervate the heart rate and cause the other organs to function better. This makes for pumped up exercises and properly used organs.

Usually, the muscle exercise comes after the aerobic exercise. This is because after the blood has been pumped to almost every area of the body, the muscles and your strength should be in prime condition. Next on your fitness training schedule are the core stability exercises, which are best done after a heavy work out. This will be one form of starting your cooling down period. Core stability exercises are those that involved the muscle in your abdomen, lower back and pelvis. These contribute to a person’s center of balance as well as stability.

The end of your fitness training schedule is the stretching exercises. Stretching taut and well-used muscles help to relax them as well as stretch them back into shape. Ending your fitness training schedule with stretches will also help ease the tautness and tightness of the muscles. Stretching also help maintain flexibility and tones the muscles to keep you looking and feeling young.

This is a proven effective fitness training schedule. Many people have tried this and reaped the benefits of this fitness training schedule. You can vary the kinds of exercises in your fitness training schedule to avoid monotony as well as to develop many different muscle groups in the body.

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