Preparing for a Fitness Figure Competition

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Preparing for a Fitness Figure Competition

Article by Suzanna Hardaway

A fitness figure competition is an event designed for individuals who are interested in competing in a fitness contest that highlights their physique. The preparation for these contests involves a special diet and rigorous exercise training program.

Initially physique contests for women only included a swimsuit round and a regular model walking round. These contests usually involved women wearing swim suits and high heels. They presented their physiques to the panel of judges and audience present. In the process they also did a series of quarter and half turn routines. It also required the contestants to enact a few physical exercise performances such as aerobics and dance.

In recent years, fitness challenge was devised as a subcategory to the figure contest. This does not involve the usual routines but the participants are judged on their body tone and muscle balance. However the muscles size is not taken into consideration. Other aesthetic aspects considered are makeup, skin texture, hair, and costume. The competitors are also individually assessed on grace, presentation, confidence, and professionalism.

Fitness figure competition is now becoming highly competitive with everyone interested in maintaining a great body. These contests also facilitate a career boost to individuals who are determined and dedicated. There are a few guidelines you should keep in mind if you want to compete in a fitness figure competition.

It is particularly suggested that one needs to be prepared both mentally and physically to undergo the training program that will be required to perform in the contest. If you have the determination to follow this plan, then you should acquire a personal trainer and dietician to plan a strict diet and exercise routine.

The diet needs to be strictly carried out to maintain a low body fat that will highlight your figure. It is very much essential to eat food that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. The training needs to be started at least six months before a contest. Furthermore, a fitness contest veteran should be consulted to learn all the various postures and walks required by the competition to impress the judges and the audience.

In addition, using the assistance of a cosmetician will also be useful to decide on the hairdo, makeup, and costume to be worn during the contest. It would also be helpful to attend different contests to get a basic idea of the process and regulations of a contest. This way one can become an audience judge and make precise notes and evaluate each contestant’s performance in the show. This will help in gaining more information on how to enhance one’s own performance.

Fitness figure competition requires preparation time but if proper resources are employed it is possible that you may well be the one to win the competition. You will also improve your health and your physique at the same time.

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