Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet

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Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet

Article by Chris Slattery

The basics on a bodybuilding pre contest diet

When you see a bodybuilder on the cover of a magazine and that bodybuilder is holding a championship trophy, you would probably wish you could look like that winner all year round.

Well, if you wish this then you may be surprised to discover that the contest winner absolutely does not look like such a way throughout the year. The bulk of the year the winner will look bulky and fit. However, the winner’s physique will be the result of the pre-contest diet.

The pre-contest diet is intended as a means of shredding the body to a very low percentage of body fat. This way, all the muscular definition of the competitor is visible. When the body is carry too much fat or water, the ability to see muscle definition is difficult and near impossible.

However, when someone wishes to compete on stage bodybuilding, the need for an extreme low percentage in the 4% or lower range is needed. During the off season, the purpose is to bulk up with as much mass as possible adding pounds of muscle.

This means eating an enormous amount of calories will be necessary. Due to the huge amount of muscle mass the bodybuilder is packing on, the calories will mostly all be metabolized by the body. The amount of body fat gained will probably be minor but it will be too much for competition.

That means that the bodybuilder will need to create a calorie deficit. This is where the pre-contest diet comes into play. If the bodybuilder is eating 6,000 calories a day and cuts down to 2,000 calories a day, this will lead to an enormous amount of fat burned off over an 8 week period. How this deficit is achieved can vary.

Some will simply reduce the amount of food they eat without changing much of its content. Then, others will look towards specialty diets such as eating no carbohydrates for weeks.

Ultimately, the pre-contest diet that the bodybuilder opts to employ needs to be one that works specifically for him. But, the key here will always be a reduction in calories since a ripped (contest level) physique would be tough to achieve without it.

It would also be tough to achieve a contest look relying solely on diet alone. The metabolism will slow somewhat due to the reduced calorie intake. As such, it becomes necessary to greatly up one’s cardiovascular regimen during the pre-contest phase.

The type of cardio program performed can vary depending upon what the individual performs. But, it will have to be regular sessions of high intensity work. This will burn tons of calories when combined with a proper calorie deficit pre-contest diet.

The ripped look is not an easy one to attain and it takes a lot of work. With the right effort year round and the proper pre contest diet and workout regimen, it may be possible to develop that seemingly elusive contest physique.

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