How To Run A Karaoke Contest – Tips From The Professionals

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How To Run A Karaoke Contest – Tips From The Professionals

Article by Tina Sherman

If you are a karaoke host you have to expect that sooner or later you will be called upon to run a karaoke contest. Ever since karaoke singing became a popular form of entertainment many singing competitions have been held using it.

Every body loves to sing and show off singing skills at karaoke therefore when you are asked to run a karaoke contest you will undoubtedly have lots of participants. Karaoke competitions are very popular and this is supported by the fact that there exists what is called Karaoke World Championships, karaoke competition participated by 30 countries worldwide.

Though Karaoke Jockeys or KJs might run a show differently due to unique styles of holding on to a karaoke microphone, the basics of putting together a competition are basically the same. Let’s look at those in the next sections.

Meet with organizers to discuss important matters.

When you run show karaoke, you must always set up a meeting with the organizers and ask them of their plans for the competition. The things that should be discussed are: contest rules, prizes, categories (i.e. Best Male, Best Female, Best Duet), maximum number of contestants per criteria, what to do incase there is a tie on the scores, and the number of winning places (i.e. First, Second, Third place or Champion only).

If the organizers plan to have another criteria to use be sure to understand those fully. Examples of other criteria are by genre of music and by age group.

Look for reputable judges.

When you run a karaoke contest it’s your reputation that is at stake even when it’s the organizers who are to blame. It is vital that the judges you get are non partisan and will judge fairly.

When you run show karaoke and there are complaints against poor judging, it will be you who will get the flack which will thus affect your reputation as a KJ. If the organizers were the one who got the judges ask that you test them first before using them and if there is any doubt on your part, don’t use them.

It is preferable that the number of judges you get is more than one and an odd number to reduce the possibility of ties.

Devise a fair and clear scoring system.

When you run a karaoke contest, the scoring system should be something that fits amateur singers. Musicality, stage presence, and audience impact are fit for professional singers so please use these criteria with caution because it’s very likely that the contestants that you have are not the best singers themselves.

Where and how to register.

Set up a registration booth to where you will run show karaoke. Set a limit to the number of contestants per category and put in enough forms that contestants can fill up.

Be sure that there are available song choices so that they can just indicate the title and number of the song. Have the contestants print out information legibly to save you the embarrassment when the time comes to run show karaoke.

Be sure that there is a deadline of registration otherwise you’d be overpopulated with contestants. When you run a karaoke contest there is the dilemma or ordering the contestants performances. The simplest and easiest answer to that is to fold all contestants’ forms, place them in a bag, pick one at random in the competition.

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