Pre-Contest Training

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Pre-Contest Training

Article by Dane Fletcher

The pre-contest phase has finally arrived. You think you finally have your ducks in a row. You have the date circled on the calendar, and you have 16 weeks to go. Your meals have been carefully planned, and you have gone shopping for the finest and leanest cuts. The ECA is by your bedside, along with your shoes for your morning jogs. Your cardio sessions are listed, and you know how to ramp it up in time to peak just in time. You have your trunks and your oil, and your posing music has already been selected.

Everything is in place, and you’re ready to hit the gym. Unfortunately, you’re about to hit a major roadblock in your preparation, if you think your training is going to remain the same. You’re about to force your body to do something it has never done before. You’re going to restrict calories, increase cardio, add fat burners, and triple your stress. In case you are not aware of it, your old method of training just isn’t going to work.

You’ve spent the last eight months training 4 to 5 times per week. You’ve employed heavy sessions. You know no limitations in the gym – you train long and hard, and as heavy as you can go. Long breaks, lots of sets, and lots of weight. This kind of training has led to muscle mass gains. This kind of training will not work for the pre-contest phase, however. In the pre-contest phase, your body is lacking the calories needed to lift heavy weights for long sessions. You will lack the body fat required to pad your joints, tendons and muscles as you train. The weights will have to be reduced. The repetitions will have to be less jarring. This can be challenging, as it was the exact style of heavy, kamikaze training which allowed you to make these gains in the first place. If you train too light in the off-season, you run the risk of losing all that muscle you worked so hard to build.

Here is a pre-contest weight training body part split which should fit the bill in allowing you to keep your muscle mass, while at the same time shed body fat.

Day 1 – Morning – Chest Afternoon – Biceps & Triceps

Day 2 – Morning – Quads Afternoon – Hamstrings & Calves

Day 3 – Morning – Back Afternoon – Shoulders & Traps

Day 4 – Rest

A muscle loss of 5 to 10 pounds is often inevitable when dieting down, especially for a natural bodybuilder. You’ll just have to take your lumps on that one. Training in this manner offers two excellent benefits. You’ll be able to train with more intensity, since you’ll only be training for short 45-minute sessions. Second, you will enjoy a nice metabolic bump. Two weight-training sessions per day, coupled with cardio, will certainly lead to a great deal of burned body fat. If you feel yourself becoming burned out, scale back the workouts to one per day, or eat more food.

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