Fitness Competition Diet For Women – Figure Competition Secrets

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Fitness Competition Diet For Women – Figure Competition Secrets

Article by Gwendolyn Mchugh

Before we discuss what comprises a fitness competition diet for women, let us first understand what a fitness competition is. Well, typically, a fitness competition consists of a swimsuit round and a routines round. Physique guidelines for fitness competitions typically suggest a small amount of muscular mass, clear separations between muscle groups without any visible striations, and leanness.Click Here For Figure Competition Secrets Instant Access Now!Now, diet plays a very crucial role in trying to reach these guidelines. In fact, a very high percentage of your physique is diet. The food you eat can make all the difference between a figure physique and a fit body. Eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting a nice fit toned look is not enough for a figure contest. Unless you are starting with a body type which is almost contest ready, muscularly mature and lean, then you will have the general needs most women have -body shaping, symmetry, and single digit body fat.Keep in mind that getting lean is an art form. There is definitely a lot more to it than just starving yourself. You have to be able to get the right portions of nutrients in your body, and engage yourself in months and months of devoted eating and training. The basic rules are to eat six small frequent feedings in a day, to avoid foods that are too rich in sugar (bread, sugar, and pasta) or foods that are high in fat (bacon, cakes, butters, dairy products, and fatty meats). Instead, consume more high-fiber foods such as vegetables, whole wheat, and fruits; and high-protein foods such as egg whites, fish, lean chicken, and lobster.Again, do not starve yourself. Try to eliminate fat from your diet, and decrease carbs without cutting on calories. A general rule of thumb for consuming calories is to have around sixteen times your bodyweight.This is what you need to know about fitness competition diet for women.Click Here For Figure Competition Secrets Instant Access Now!

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